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Road Closure : Moulton Road

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Moulton Road will be closed from Northfields towards Moulton on 3-5 October for water mains work .

Details on

Bus Survey : what are your needs?

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Mawsley have provided a bus survey to determine the needs of travellers. Please see attached and return to our clerk (Lisa) for forwarding (

Here is an example of what is being asked for.

Days per week….Times…Kettering/Northampton [X10]…….Name……Village.  example: 
4/5……….9.30/5 pm ret.  Kettering Student                  J. Brown      Holcot
ex: …2/3……….Off Peak out and ret.  Kettering Shops            Mrs A. Brown   Holcot
The survey closes on 26 September. 


Parish Council : Planning application

A new planning application for Poplar Farm has been added to the Planning Applications page.

Details are available on the DDC website in the normal way.

Flower and Vegetable Show : Fundraising results

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Deryck has done the maths, and this year’s show raised £194 in aid of the village hall.

Thanks again to everyone who participated in any way.

Junior Church

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Junior Church is starting again on Monday 10th September, 4:15 to 5:15 in the Church Room, for 4 weeks.

All children of Primary age are welcome.

Ultrafast Broadband : Gigaclear

This is a message from Sarah Naylor of Superfast Northamptonshire at NCC. We are due to have Ultrafast broadband by the end of the year, with work starting shortly.

Installing the network and making good afterwards

This will involve temporarily digging up pavements and roads to enable Gigaclear to lay full fibre cabling underground and also to install connection points outside the boundary of every property. All residents and businesses will be informed as soon as their connection is ready and they can take full advantage of the ultrafast broadband speeds available if they wish to place an order for services.

All works, which may cause disruption on the highway or pavements in order to complete the fibre installation, will be reinstated to Highways Authorities and Utilities Committee standards.

Keeping you informed

Gigaclear will provide channels of communication to help answer questions. They are also happy to attend a parish meeting to explain more about the rollout.

Further details of the areas covered in the project, and other useful information, can be found on Gigaclear’s and the Superfast Northamptonshire project websites, see links below.

·– – to register and receive the most up to date roll out information.

· – please do not hesitate to get in touch with Gigaclear either online or by phone if you have any queries.

· – provides further information about the Superfast Northamptonshire project and the County Council’s partnership with Gigaclear.

Local Government proposals : report published

If you are interested in the current proposals for local government in Northamptonshire, please see this report published today. See also DDC’s news article .

The proposal is for a unitary council taking in the area covered by Northampton, Daventry and South Northamptonshire borough and district councils, with the other district and town councils forming the North Northamptonshire unitary council.

Road Safety : Speedwatch 2018 results

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The speedwatch monitoring held in June/July, over just 9 one-hour sessions during a 3 week period recorded  91 motorists driving at 35mph or more.

Top speed was 52mph.

Thank you all parishioners involved.

Holcot Brownies : Wednesdays at 6pm

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Holcot Brownies meet 6-7:15pm on Wednesdays in the village hall. They have a very varied programme.

If you would like to get involved as a leader or have a daughter you would like to add to the waiting list  contact Chris 07754 017231 or

They also have space for a D of E volunteer.

Local sculptor needs help

Dave Cooke is searching for materials for a new art work.

If you have any horse brasses that you are able to donate, please contact Dave  (781130,  Bareen Cottage in Back Lane).

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