Flower and vegetable show – This Sunday


This Sunday is the annual Flower and Vegetable Show at the Village Hall.

Entries are taken from 10am to 12 noon- see here for the the schedule, with plenty of categories for everyone to take part – children and adults (its not just flowers and vegetables!!). Please note that there was a printing error with the category numbering scheme in the version of the schedule circulated with the Village Newsletter – the version on the website is correct.

Viewing starts at 3pm with games, teas and presentations, with the auction-sale of produce from 4pm – proceeds to the Village Hall

The Decorated wheelbarrow competition/parade is also held – meet at the Village Hall at 2:15pm, for judging and parade at 2:30pm.

This is a great community event – come and enjoy the fun!!

Click here for the show’s webpage.


Road safety – Back Lane



You may have seen a new road sign in Back Lane prompting drivers about the playing field and children playing. Residents have been working with the County Council to consider ways of slowing down the traffic in Back Lane, particularly at peak hours where it is used as a means of avoiding the crossroads.

Some drivers using Back Lane travel at excessive speeds without regard for the risks – which include children playing in the road, the proximity to users of the Village Hall and the playing field, as well as the nature of residents houses being close to the lane.

The road sign is the first evidence of the action being taken.

Garage sale on 27 September

Last year’s sale was an outstanding success, raising over £1000 for Church funds. By popular demand, there will be another Garage sale this year on

Saturday 27 September from 10am to 2pm

You can open your garage or donate items for sale. 15 locations are already booked in.


Full details can be found on the What’s On page. Please book now!



Lesley Pomeroy is hoping to set up a group of volunteers who would be happy to help out their neighbours with small but useful tasks like collecting medicines, lifts to the doctor, occasional shopping or just popping in to see if all is well especially in bad weather. If enough people are interested we could meet and decide what we need to do to set it up. If you think you could be a part of this contact Lesley on 781246 or mrspom{at}barnwood.orangehome.co.uk