Support the playing field : improvement group being set-up


As part of the Parish Council’s obligations the playing field equipment was inspected, and apart from general repairs there are some updated safety regulations with which we must comply.

For instance,  you may have noticed the swings and their chains have been replaced, but the slide has been placed “out of order” as it needs safety matting to be put in place because the “drop height” exceeds the statutory level.

This is a great opportunity for the Parish to look at modernising the playing field equipment, but this is going to require some fundraising as well as organising!

If anyone is interested in helping Jackie and Lisa create a ‘Playing Field Development Group’  to modernise the playing field equipment and keep it in use then please get in touch. The Parish Council has earmarked some funding in 2017/18 to help get the project off the ground, and Lisa and Jackie are already looking into grant-funding opportunities.

Jackie Fountain 780070
Lisa Callan  781230

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