NCC : Budget Consultation

NCC are consulting on their budget until 30 January. Read their email and find the link to take part here.

Here is an excerpt from their email:

This is our biggest budget challenge yet. We have already made savings of £374 million since 2010, and still need to take out another £34.3 million this year to meet the soaring demand for services despite ongoing reductions in government funding.

Cllr Robin Brown, county council cabinet member for finance, said:

“We have reviewed the way we work to ensure we are as efficient as possible and deliver the best possible value for money, and after this year it is very difficult to identify further savings without impacting significantly on frontline, statutory services.

“We’re currently anticipating that we’ll receive £22.49m in Revenue Support Grant, our main source of funding from the Government. This is 36% less than the £35.5m we received last year. 

“Unless the Government takes a serious look at its funding of local public services, we will struggle to even deliver statutory services by as soon as 2019/20.”

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