Road Safety : Speedwatch 2018 – Please Help

image001With your support the Parish Council wants to continue with Community Speedwatch in 2018. You will know that we have speed problems in Holcot, and that the Parish Council continue to push for extending the 30mph limit outside the village and potentially creating a 20mph zone in the village.

As in 2017 we will get use of the speed gun, and associated signage. We need volunteers to support the community in raising awareness of excessive speed over three weeks. All it takes is an hour a session – the more volunteers the fewer the sessions any individual has to undertake. Please email Lisa to volunteer.

The information we have;

  • Training is on 2 June (there are other dates available)
  • We are sharing the equipment with Moulton this year – week’s commencing 16 June, 30 June, 14 July

Even if you can’t help one of these weeks, please volunteer.

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