Neighbourhood Watch : theft from vehicle

We are lucky that we don’t have a lot of crime reported in Holcot, and often Parishioners update the Parish when something happens. This happened on Tuesday in Sywell Road, around 30m from the road on a private drive….

“We had gas engineers here yesterday to service our cooker. The two guys had left some personal items, in their (unlocked) van, which were stolen. Their van was up at the top of the drive, near the house. A laptop, one mobile phone and a wallet containing cash and cards were taken, as well as a satnav and a dashcam from the vehicle. The wallet was even in the glove compartment. The engineers had been going in and out to the vehicle regularly to get parts and tools, so the theft must have been an opportunistic one, we think.

Could you bring to people’s attention so villagers are aware to make sure vehicles are locked at all times, even for short periods of time.”

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