Parish Council : December meeting and other updates

The Parish Council meeting has been cancelled in December. In the normal way,  a special meeting will be held if there is any exceptional business that cannot wait until the January meeting.

Thank you to the Parishioners who attended Monday’s meeting, and to Glynn from Gigaclear for listening and understanding the Parish’s concerns. Parishioners also noted for Glynn that contractors working around the Parish have been very considerate with regard to parishioners access needs, horses etc.

You will have noticed that Gigaclear have already asked their contractors to move the equipment that had been installed at the crossroads green – it will be installed at the back of the green as was the original intention.

Subsequent to the meeting, the positioning of the remaining “small boxes” to be installed around the village has been reviewed with Gigaclear and the contractor. They have been very helpful, balancing their need to install the equipment whilst considering our practical safety and aesthetic concerns.

A separate item has been posted regarding an opportunity to make use of Walgrave Wellbeing Centre’s minibus.

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