Gigaclear fibre-broadband works: clearing-up

Although many Parishioners have complimented Gigaclear’s contractors on the courtesy and helpfulness of the workers during the main installation works, there has been some concern about the state of many of the grass verges now that they appear to have left the village. 

The Parish Council therefore organised a joint-inspection with representatives of both Northants Highways and the contractors.  We are pleased to be able to reassure Parishioners that together we drew-up a full list of all the locations that aren’t yet up to standard, and we’re now working to agree on what action is needed at each location.

The vast majority will be dealt with by raking-over and an application of grass seed, probably during March.  

To give the grass a chance to grow, they’ve suggested that residents ask their families, visitors and neighbours to avoid walking, and driving or parking vehicles, on those re-seeded areas for as long as possible after the seed has been applied.

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