Playing field update

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The Friends of Holcot Playing field are doing a brilliant job. Here’s the update from yesterday’s tea party…and they are already getting new equipment installed.

Thank you Lisa, Jackie, Alexis and Liz, and everyone else involved in getting us this far so quickly.

“The Friends of Holcot Playing Field would like to thank everyone who supported the Royal Wedding tea party event. It was such an enjoyable day, and total money raised from the event was £1,206.03. 

The first new item of equipment (an adventure path), will begin to be installed at the playing field on 11th June. 

Thank you to everyone for your continued support. 

Lisa, Jackie, Alexis & Liz”

Another phone has been found!

Lost a Nokia phone? It was found near the bus stop.

Contact Lisa Callan – details on the Parish Council page

Key found : Moulton Road

A Yale key has been found on Moulton Road.

If it is yours, please email with a description of the attached fob and we’ll get it back to you.

Playing Field : Update from the Friends of Holcot Playing Field

The Friends of Holcot Playing Field are working hard to improve the playing field and its equipment. Please see their update below and see how you can help.

Playing Field update

Road Safety : Appeal for extension of 30mph limit

You will remember that the Parish Council asked for speed limit reductions on Walgrave Road, Sywell Road and Moulton Road on behalf of parishioners. Our request has been supported by our MP and County Councillor.

These were refused by the speed limit panel in 2017, and have been refused again on appeal. The full text of the County Council’s refusal on appeal has been posted on the Road Safety page. You will know that a lot of effort has gone into our case by several people, in particular Cllr Phil Scordellis.

The Parish Council will consider their response at the April meeting.

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