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    The show takes place annually at the start of September at Holcot Village Hall, Back Lane, Holcot, NN6 9SL.

    The 2018 show will take place on Sunday 2 September

    Non-residents of the parish are very welcome, either as exhibitors
    or to stock up with fresh produce in the auction.

    The 2017 SCHEDULE OF CLASSES can be downloaded from HERE

    Results of the Flower and vegetable show 2017
    CLASS 1st 2nd 3rd
    OPEN CLASS Maureen Cooke 37 Pam & Martin Wilson 19 David Ashworth 15
    FLOWERS Heather Wilson 14 Maureen Cooke 11 Clodagh Elliott 3
    MISC Maureen Cooke 22 Brenda Hughes 16  Mrs Cull 6
    ALAN HUGHES CUP Heather Wilson
    MAN MADE CAKE Dave Cooke
    TEENAGE CAKE Charlotte Ferguson
    GROWN IN HOLCOT Pam & Martin Wilson 27 Maureen Cooke 26 Adrian Hanrahan 11
    BEST IN SHOW Heather Wilson
    CHILDREN U9 Honour Wilson 8 joint Violet Wilson and Georgie Collins 6

    To make it easier for EVERYONE to join in the Flower and Vegetable Show, we offer:

    (1) Access to the official books which give hints and tips to anyone who’d like to try their hand at exhibiting their produce at such shows.

    To see these books please contact Phil Scordellis (07785 347 297, or phil.scordellis@gmail.com);

    But also (2), we’ve extracted from these books some of the MAJOR HINTS & TIPS, and attached these to this web-page below.  Please click on these links.

    Fruit&VegShow exhibitors’ hints FRUIT,
    Fruit&VegShow exhibitors’ hints VEG.
    Fruit&VegShow exhibitors’ hints FLOWERS,
    Fruit&VegShow exhibitors’ hints MISCELLANEOUS

    [Disclaimers: these edited extracts are provided purely to be helpful, and without liability:
    a. Don’t forget that the judges are volunteers, and so may use their own, different, criteria to choose the winners
    b. The attached files may mention classes of produce which are not included in the Holcot schedule this year – please check the schedule when you’re deciding what to exhibit.
    c.The website editor has done his best to ensure that the attached files closely match the original words in the books, but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy!  We acknowledge the copyright of the Royal Horticultural Society and WI on the original text before we edited it.]

    Alternatively (3), if you want to buy your own copy of the latest edition of these books:

    – The RHS book is called RHS Horticultural Show Handbook;

     – The WI book is called On with the Show, and is available by sending a cheque for £10 payable to the NFWI, to Helen Neal at the NFWI Unit, Denman College, Marcham, Abingdon Oxon OX 13 6NW.

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