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Crime is an unfortunate part of village life.  Neighbourhood Watch is all about reducing crime and reducing opportunities for criminals.  Holcot has a successful Watch, which works due to the cooperation existing between the residents and the Police.

Most crime is carried out by opportunist criminals.  Even taking basic security precautions and removing the opportunities will have a noticeable effect.

We cannot be expected to intervene if you see something suspicious – we are not the Police.  Make a note and pass on the information (for example a strange vehicle parked in the village, bogus callers, or a stranger behaving in a suspicious way).

If you have to look twice, report it!

To contact the Police –

Dial 999 for Crime in progress

Dial 101, or 03000 111 222 for other crime or suspicious event, or to contact specific local officers

Dial 0345 2307 702 for Doorstep Action Group: to report unexpected or suspicious cold callers

Dial 0800 555111 for Crime stoppers (if you have information but wish to remain anonymous)

Email – via the website, or to Daventry Rural Safer Community Team on

If you require additional help, or to discuss any related Police matter, contact the Parish Council/Police Liaison:  Kathryn Buckle  Tel: 07814 531836.

As always, you are asked to keep a lookout for anything you think unusual to your area, be it a person or vehicle acting suspiciously or even strangers knocking at the door asking questions. Please report your concerns immediately to Northamptonshire Police on 101 or, anonymously, to Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 – it is helpful if you also notify the Holcot NHW coordinator, Bill Coles  Tel: (01604) 781971.


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Police notice : seasonal thefts 22 September

Dear Stakeholder

Northamptonshire has in the past five years experienced an increase in theft offences across the county at this time of year, with last year being particularly high.

To this end, Northamptonshire Police will be running a force-wide operation between 25 September to the 30 November focussing on theft offences which cause the most harm to victims such as dwelling burglary, non-dwelling and theft from motor vehicle. 

There will be dedicated patrols in place over this period.  We will be looking at engaging with communities around crime prevention advice and intelligence gathering.  There will be media coverage around this campaign during this period.

If you could share this information with your immediate contacts that would be appreciated

If you have anything to report around suspicious activity or something you have witnessed please call 101 or in an emergency call 999.

Kind regards

Kev Byrne

Police notice :  new model 22 September

Police notice : Household safety and security routines 22 September

Rob Stevens (Police, PC1368, Wellingborough)
Even if the house is occupied the front and back doors should be locked Check doors are definitely locked and keys away from anywhere obvious
Keep car keys away from front and back doors, particularly where there is a cat flap or letterbox in situ Keep car keys away from front and back doors, particularly where there is a cat flap or letterbox in situ
If you leave a room, simply remember to pull any windows shut and lock them Leave timer switches on lamps from early evening until bedtime. Some people prefer leaving a landing light on overnight
Remove any loose tools from within the garden areas If you hear a noise downstairs and are

quite certain it’s a burglar, dial 999

Set your burglar alarm every time you leave the property, even if you are just popping out If you have an alarm that can
be part activated downstairs,
use it!
Use your spy hole before answering the door. If you’re not sure, don’t open the door! Take a cordless or mobile phone with you to bed in case of emergencies
Don’t leave cooking unattended Switch off and unplug things that don’t need to be left in
Try to make the home looked lived in, even when you are out Shut internal doors


Avoid leaving matches and lighters within easy reach of children. Ensure smoking materials are not still burning and ashtrays are emptied.

image 22 09 2017 at 19.57

14 September 2017 – New Policing Model – Letter and information booklet from the PCC and Chief Constable

The Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable have announced details of the significant changes to policing to commence on 30 October in this letter and this information booklet.

Letter from PCC and CC

Information booklet

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With temperatures forecast to stay colder over the next few days, officers are urging motorists not to de-ice their car by running the engine and leaving it unattended.
A car was stolen from Clare Street in Raunds this morning (Friday, January 19) after it had been left unattended to defrost with the keys in it.
Although the owner only left it for a couple of minutes and was able to see the back of the car from the house, it was enough time for someone to get into the vehicle and drive off.
The car, a Vauxhall Corsa, was taken at about 6.40am. Anyone who witnessed it, or saw anything suspicious, is asked to call Northamptonshire Police on 101, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
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2 days ago

Northamptonshire Police

We've issued a safety warning after concerns about dangerous behaviour by large groups of children on bikes in #Northampton.

Groups of up to 40 cyclists have been gathering in locations including the Drapery, Gold Street and Abington Street, riding on pavements, on the wrong side of the road, and through shopping centres, pulling wheelies and stunts risking their own safety and that of others.

CCTV images of a gathering on January 2 have been released in an attempt to identify those involved so they can be given safety advice and warned about the dangers of their actions.

PC Michael Rogers, of the local Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “The behaviour of these youths is irresponsible and dangerous towards members of the public, other road users and themselves.

“They have little to no road sense at all, they cycle in a large group, totally ignoring the rules of the road, going through red traffic lights, weaving in front of oncoming vehicles, on the wrong side of roads and on pavements.

“I’m worried that it’s only a matter of time before somebody gets seriously hurt, whether it’s a pedestrian hit by a cyclist or one of the youths being hit by a vehicle.”

Vehicles have also been damaged by the riders, including taxis which have had wing mirrors kicked off, and buses often have their emergency engine cut-out button pushed.

Meetings of cyclists are often organised via social media, often through groups called ‘Bike Life’ or similar. Most participants are aged between 10 and 15, with peak times for gatherings being weekends, after school and through school holidays, including the January 2 incident.

PC Rogers said: “Our team is trying to identify those responsible for this idiotic behaviour, however, when they see officers these youths usually cycle off at speed, avoiding us by riding over areas where we’re unable to follow on foot or in vehicles, so we’re using the town’s CCTV network to help us.

“To any parents or teachers who recognise a child as being involved, please have a serious talk with them about the risks they are taking. The alternative may well be us having to visit the family of someone injured or killed as a result of this kind of behaviour.”

Anyone with information about the identity of those pictured is asked to call Northamptonshire Police on 101. Information can also be shared anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
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Don’t pay for anything by transferring money directly to people or companies you don’t know, however eager you are to buy. If it’s a fraud, it’s doubtful the bank will be able to recover or refund your money #paysafe ... See MoreSee Less

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A new website has been launched by Northamptonshire Police’s AIM Team which will support you to live your best life.

The new website is packed full of useful support, advice and contacts, to not only help ex-offenders looking to ditch a life of crime for something they can be proud of, but to help anyone who feels like they need a bit of extra help. It is also a place for professionals and other support services to find alternative services for the people they work with.

The AIM (Achieve, Inspire, Maintain) Team launched in October 2017 and works with ex-offenders to help them live a crime-free life.

Chief Inspector Daryl Lyon, said: “AIM is here to support ex-offenders in every aspect of their lives and I’m pleased to see this new website, which is open to all, has now launched, meaning help and support is now only a click away.

“The website contains a whole host of information, from food bank details to mental health support and information on the team’s projects including MY:BK:YD - a ground-breaking scheme where Northamptonshire Police and the county’s business community work together to address gang related crime by helping people get into employment.”

Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, Stephen Mold, said: “The AIM team carry out really important work, engaging with our most dangerous and prolific offenders and working with them to reduce their criminal behaviour."

To access the website, please visit:
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CCTV - do you recognise this man? Officers believe he may have information about a burglary at a convenience store in Parkway, Weston Favell, and are asking him, or anyone who recognises him, to contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111: ... See MoreSee Less

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We're appealing for witnesses following a serious assault in High Street, Rushden, yesterday afternoon (Thursday, January 17).
Officers were called at about 2.30pm to reports of a man having sustained a stab wound to the chest.
The assault is believed to have happened in a small public car park between High Street and Rectory Road.
The victim was taken to hospital where he remains in a stable condition.
An investigation is underway and detectives are appealing for anyone who was in the High Street area around the time of the incident, and who may have witnessed the assault or have any information about what happened, to get in touch.
Anyone with information should contact Northamptonshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 264 of 17 January.
Information can also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.
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Jewellery and cash were stolen from a property in Ashton, near Peterborough, on Monday, January 14.
Offenders broke into the property and stole the items as well as a push bike, sometime between 9am and 6pm.
Police would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed anyone acting suspiciously in Ashton on Monday, or who may have any information about the incident.
Witnesses or anyone with information about this incident can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.
Incident Number: 19000023366
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2 days ago

Northamptonshire Police

CCTV images of a man have been released in connection with an incident in McDonalds, Phoenix Parkway, Corby.

A man is alleged to have been behaving suspiciously in the store at around 2.30pm on Thursday, January 17.

Officers are keen to locate the man pictured, who may be able to assist the investigation and are urging him to make contact.

Anyone with any information relating to the man pictured or his whereabouts, or any witnesses, can contact Northamptonshire Police on 101. Alternatively, they can call the independent charity CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Incident Number: 19000027503
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i have a crime number who do i speak to for a update ... See MoreSee Less

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Not fit for purpose - attempted 14 times to log complaints and eventually made a complaint regarding a certain bank for what I believe to be fraud by misrepresentation and excessive overcharging by the bank for the last 12/14 years - took 7 months for Action Fraud to reply to tell me I’d have to wait a further 3 months - when I complained Action fraud said no action to be taken as 14 years of documentation (5 a4 ring binders full) statements complaints application forms etc clearly proving my claim wasn’t enough evidence for them to investigate allowing the bank to continue malpractice - and you come on Facebook portraying to be a concerned caring organisation with zero tolerance for fraud - yeah right my A**e ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

This is a scam they have taken £151.00 instead 0f £22.40 out of my bank account they have done this to numerous people and I have been told by someone that they are under investigation from the fraud squad please let’s get these adverts off Facebook. Every time they pop up I warn people that this is a scam I don’t want this happening to more people ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Action Fraud

Watch out for these fake App Store emails. The links lead to a convincing site that is designed to steal your Apple ID, personal and financial details 🎣🎣

If you’re unsure whether an App Store email is legitimate, check out these tips: #PhishyFridays
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2 days ago

Hi Action Fraud. The latest phishing email received today. As always I've reported to Ikea & the NFIB police phishing site ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Cyber crime is in the daily basis in the UK with people through fudraising org. are raising money supposed for improving mental health and others community projects as foundation or charitable organization, I donate £20 and was not serious org. raising money for personal aim, after donate was for his personal aim say thanks for the birthday party a disgusting action, with people who manage web page as trusted company but are wickie where you don't know what is trusted or not, it's common that fraudsters targets computers, tablets, mobile phone or use the internet introducing into your prsonal facebook page to swindle you, many times asking money looking the opportunity to commit a cybercrime or criminal activities by social media, many times it's not you and want to make money on your behalf simply criminals, if I join to a charitable Organization will be sponsor directly by the Government or trusted Organizations. What the mos inflate is their actions without any punishment by these withe collar crime gansters! ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello team, think I know the answer but are you able to confirm this is a scam / virus? Many thanks ......... ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

Your 'How to Report Fraud' page refers to a website in the second paragraph but the sentence ends without giving the website - presumably someone intended to add the name but forgot! I wish to report a fraud attempted by post, please can I have the address or website for doing so. ... See MoreSee Less

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Action Fraud

🍷🍷⚠️ Don't make a 'pour' investment decision this #DryJanuary: Action Fraud warns the public as fraudulent wine investments go sour.

People who wanted to sell their wine investment and fell victim to wine investment fraud between four and six years ago are being cold called by fraudsters who claim they can resell the wine for an insurance or shipping fee.

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