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Crime is an unfortunate part of village life.  Neighbourhood Watch is all about reducing crime and reducing opportunities for criminals.  Holcot has a successful Watch, which works due to the cooperation existing between the residents and the Police.

Most crime is carried out by opportunist criminals.  Even taking basic security precautions and removing the opportunities will have a noticeable effect.

We cannot be expected to intervene if you see something suspicious – we are not the Police.  Make a note and pass on the information (for example a strange vehicle parked in the village, bogus callers, or a stranger behaving in a suspicious way).

If you have to look twice, report it!

To contact the Police –

Dial 999 for Crime in progress

Dial 101, or 03000 111 222 for other crime or suspicious event, or to contact specific local officers

Dial 0345 2307 702 for Doorstep Action Group: to report unexpected or suspicious cold callers

Dial 0800 555111 for Crime stoppers (if you have information but wish to remain anonymous)

Email – via the website, or to Daventry Rural Safer Community Team on

If you require additional help, or to discuss any related Police matter, contact the Parish Council/Police Liaison:  Kathryn Buckle  Tel: 07814 531836.

As always, you are asked to keep a lookout for anything you think unusual to your area, be it a person or vehicle acting suspiciously or even strangers knocking at the door asking questions. Please report your concerns immediately to Northamptonshire Police on 101 or, anonymously, to Crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 – it is helpful if you also notify the Holcot NHW coordinator, Bill Coles  Tel: (01604) 781971.


For latest Facebook posts from Police and ActionFraud – see end of narrative posts

Police notice : seasonal thefts 22 September

Dear Stakeholder

Northamptonshire has in the past five years experienced an increase in theft offences across the county at this time of year, with last year being particularly high.

To this end, Northamptonshire Police will be running a force-wide operation between 25 September to the 30 November focussing on theft offences which cause the most harm to victims such as dwelling burglary, non-dwelling and theft from motor vehicle. 

There will be dedicated patrols in place over this period.  We will be looking at engaging with communities around crime prevention advice and intelligence gathering.  There will be media coverage around this campaign during this period.

If you could share this information with your immediate contacts that would be appreciated

If you have anything to report around suspicious activity or something you have witnessed please call 101 or in an emergency call 999.

Kind regards

Kev Byrne

Police notice :  new model 22 September

Police notice : Household safety and security routines 22 September

Rob Stevens (Police, PC1368, Wellingborough)
Even if the house is occupied the front and back doors should be locked Check doors are definitely locked and keys away from anywhere obvious
Keep car keys away from front and back doors, particularly where there is a cat flap or letterbox in situ Keep car keys away from front and back doors, particularly where there is a cat flap or letterbox in situ
If you leave a room, simply remember to pull any windows shut and lock them Leave timer switches on lamps from early evening until bedtime. Some people prefer leaving a landing light on overnight
Remove any loose tools from within the garden areas If you hear a noise downstairs and are

quite certain it’s a burglar, dial 999

Set your burglar alarm every time you leave the property, even if you are just popping out If you have an alarm that can
be part activated downstairs,
use it!
Use your spy hole before answering the door. If you’re not sure, don’t open the door! Take a cordless or mobile phone with you to bed in case of emergencies
Don’t leave cooking unattended Switch off and unplug things that don’t need to be left in
Try to make the home looked lived in, even when you are out Shut internal doors


Avoid leaving matches and lighters within easy reach of children. Ensure smoking materials are not still burning and ashtrays are emptied.

image 22 09 2017 at 19.57

14 September 2017 – New Policing Model – Letter and information booklet from the PCC and Chief Constable

The Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable have announced details of the significant changes to policing to commence on 30 October in this letter and this information booklet.

Letter from PCC and CC

Information booklet

Latest Facebook posts – Northamptonshire Police and ActionFraud.

2 hours ago

I see there’s a lot of positive things that people say but the police don’t tell you about the people who are arrested with mental health issues and abused by these people in power and then let out hours later without any further action it’s a joke to be honest I’m one ☝️ of many people who have had to suffer the abuse of police I’m not saying that they don’t help people but there seems to be more people being untreated or psychically abused due to the fact police can’t even always do there job properly I have lodged a complaint but it’s took me 3 phone calls 10 minutes a time yes I have an incident number but I had one of them before when I was making a complaint last time but was never contacted back let’s see if anyone does get back to me this time like the last time.I’m apparently waiting on a superintendent to call me back how come when the public makes a complaint we get arrested or interviewed and when we make a complaint they just fob you off or give you an incident number why don’t they come to a statement from you or anybody else because that’s what they do to us but when it comes to the public the law is above us like we mean nothing it’s okay when someone is making allegations against you and you are brought in to custody having done nothing wrong but then you are kept in for 12 hours beaten and given a black eye as well as having my top clothes cut off and my bottom half ripped off like I was being abused then released with no further charge who’s paying for all my ripped expensive clothes and why was I refused the codes of practice c when you’re entitled to have it as apart of your right and when I was given it not long before release I realise that they ain’t supposed to strip search someone with mental health issues unless there is someone there to supervise and not supposed to be a police officer how can the police keep getting away with this horrible police brutality it’s wrong and doesn’t give people much hope is our police system it’s about time something is done because the law is so wrong on so many things and abuse there powers because they can because they are the law in it’s self they made me feel degraded and left me feeling like I wanted to kill myself and when my family and friends phoned the police to try and find out how I was explaining that I have mental health issues they said we can’t tell you what’s going on and that I’m okay 👌 not that I’ve been beaten up by police shoved in a cell crying begging for help or someone to speak to me but my buzzer is blanked or you couldn’t even hear what they were saying because the eco in the cell the new (CJC) the criminal justice centre what a joke that place is no body cares you’re just left there until they can be bothered to interview you 12 hours later how does the police force get away with this it’s no wonder people kill them self’s in places like that ... See MoreSee Less

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Whether it’s making calls (even on speakerphone), taking pictures, using a satnav or apps, any use of a hand-held phone while driving is illegal and dangerous. Don’t risk your own or others’ lives by doing it. #itcanwait #dontphoneanddrive #fatalfour ... See MoreSee Less

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Did you know? Children in Britain are online more than any other developed nation.
That means it’s more important than ever that parents, carers and professionals know how to have conversations with kids and teens about online safety and where they can go for further support.
To start your journey, visit:
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Our officers work hard to prevent and detect all crime, and we also share prevention advice to help people reduce their risk of crime. Read our advice on protecting your high value gold jewellery and home here: Please share to help #protectyourgold ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s against the law to use your phone while driving or riding a motorbike unless you have hands-free access. If you do, you must stay in full control at all times. A police officer can pull you over if they think you’re distracted and you can be prosecuted. #itcanwait #fatalfour ... See MoreSee Less

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In the UK, 33% of all Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) victims are believed to be male and yet boys make up only 12% of all reports. (Barnado’s)
For advice & support visit:
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If you’re heading off to weddings or festivals, avoid posting about it on social media – criminals may see your posts and work out when you won’t be at home, or use your photos to identify valuables, including gold jewellery. #protectyourgold #crimeprevention ... See MoreSee Less

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We want to ensure online safety is an ongoing conversation in homes across Northamptonshire. Make your home a safe space where your children can speak up if they feel upset or concerned.
For advice & support visit:
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2 days ago

Northamptonshire Police

Three youths who dressed up in Halloween costumes and motorcycle helmets, went on a crime spree, wielding knives and hammers, have been sentenced to 27 years imprisonment.

Kieran Hatch, aged 21, Thomas Folland, aged 19 and a 17-year-old boy who cannot be named because of his age, hit six convenience stores across the county,
threatening staff into handing over cash and alcohol.

The three appeared at Northampton Crown Court last week (Monday, September 10) where they were sentenced, having pleaded guilty to robbery.

Each of the defendants were handed nine year sentences in a youth offender’s institute.

The armed robberies took place between March and April this year when six stores across Wellingborough, Irthlingborough and Rushden were targeted.

The trio were caught after a shopkeeper activated the alarm during the attack and police arrived.

They attempted to flee in a white transit van that had been used in each of the robberies, but were pursued by officers and forced to pull over. The 17-year-old tried to escape but was caught by police dogs.

Detective Lee Norton, who led the investigation, said: “Over a period of just one week, these three committed six offences. Their brazen attacks left people not only financially worse off, but also traumatised by the incidents.

“Hopefully, these prison terms will help them understand the gravity of their crimes.”
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1 day ago

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2 days ago

If you are contacted on this number 07455474987 or 07365683825, block it. This is a scammer hacking people's Facebook accounts and requesting money using Contis Financial Services Bank. Whilst waiting for police to investigate (IF they ever will!!!) I've sussed out it's highly likely to be a xxxx of Feltham, London (I know the exact address too). Too much evidence points this way for it not to be. There you go police, I've investigated, over to you... he continues to be "online" and will continue to be unless police pull their finger out. If anyone has fallen victim to these fraudsters, please get in touch. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Old lady down our road received a telephone message saying she was being taken to court by HMTAX,with a case ref. number and asked to call 02032868228 ASAP.
Have rung police who have confirmed this is a scam.
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2 days ago

Just got a call saying they calling from Hmrc from this number 01622370826.
I just hanged up as i got scam few days ago.
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2 days ago

Action Fraud

⚠️ ALERT: Watch out for these fake 📺 TV Licence refund emails being spammed out by fraudsters. We've seen a few variations and had over 100 reports in the past few days! #PhishyFridays ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Second photo to the email question I have asked you. ... See MoreSee Less

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2 days ago

Hello, I'm assuming that this is a scam, as I always receive emails, and send a few. Do you have any ideas if it is fake? I haven't pressed on any links. ... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

We are doing a business in Stevenage Hertfordshire . I want report to Action Fraud about this crazy man , it happen today on 20/09/2018 at 4:28pm. He came into our shop selling his company products regards media and advertisement. He is not speak a fluent english. I have told him Boss is not here and asked him leave his name card, if we interest we will give him a call, but he keep continue asked for a Boss and need to speak to Boss directly. I told him our Boss can not speak english, he still stand in front of me keep saying rubbish while I am eating my lunch.
※Please be aware this man, he came inside a shop, talking rubbish and nonsense and not willing to leave. I am feeling this man harassing me and racism. I have no choice to took his photo and video for evidence.
After that I have received lots of phone call saying bad word and swear while we are doing business. I have check 1471 to see who call us, unfortunately, the caller witheld their number, and the person who speak in the phone , her english is not fluent either ....
I believed he is a cheater and come to the shop deceive money .
... See MoreSee Less

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3 days ago

A cowboy managed company with no regards to the LAW of the land. If you dont mind giving your hard earn money away, then feel free to by all means to deal with them. A rogue company that needs purging by the FCA asap. Avoid COURIER - MOTOR TRADE - TAXI – FLEET – TRUCK – VAN - CAR INSURANCE UK Motor Trade Plus at all cost. Its all a sham Motor Trade Plus ... See MoreSee Less

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