Site Guide and Site Map

This page provides a simple site map of the pages on the site (and the date they were last updated) and also a guide to navigating around the site. If you have any questions or queries, please leave a comment.

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Site Map (with date last updated)

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Site Guide (PC/Mac and Tablets/smartphones)

The principal difference between widescreen devices (PCs and Macs) and narrow screen devices (smartphones, tablets etc) is how the sidebar is displayed.

The following image shows the principal features of the homepage on a widescreen PC or Mac.


The key features are the sidebar and the posts. The sidebar is used to show  various contact and subscription details, popular posts, recent comments, a search box etc. This information is used to navigate the site, and get the most from it.

The posts (or main text on other pages) provide the substance of the information – you can subscribe to receive a notice of new posts on the homepage by entering your email address in the box on the sidebar (you will need to scroll down a bit).

At the side of each post is the following information. You can use tags and categories to find similar items. Leaving a comment is encouraged, although your first comment is moderated!

The main difference with a narrow screen device is that you do not have the sidebar displayed – it will be displayed at the bottom of the posts


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