Parish Council : Casual Vacancy

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Please see the notice below.

The process is broadly that if there is no call for an election arising from this notice, the Parish Council will then ask whether any Parishioner is willing to be co-opted to the Council (initially until May 2020 when local elections will be held). Please have a think whether you would like to serve your community as a Parish Councillor.

Call David Walker 781660 if you have any questions.

Community : Can anyone help?

A note from Victoria Cockerill at Hospital Bungalows…

Due to health reasons I am unable to drive at the moment.  I am looking for someone who would be willing to give our son a lift to Moulton School and Science College – someone who goes through Moulton on their way to work or has children that attend the school.  Approximately 8.00am during term time.  My son is 15 and will be leaving school next May, by when it is hoped I will be able to drive.

We live outside of the village on the Moulton Road at the Hospital Bungalows.  I am willing to contribute to petrol expenses by mutual agreement.

If you can help please call me on 647570

I hope that there is someone in the village that may be able to assist under such difficult circumstances for us at the moment.



James has finished his walk!!

Earlier today James Bonsor finished his walk along the Nene from Badby to the Wash. Congratulations!!!!

He is raising funds for the Church. Donate here

Church : James’ walk

You will know that Church Warden James Bonsor is walking the Nene to raise funds for the Church. Donate here

His wife Rosa writes…

Some parishioners may be interested in seeing James’s development of his walk along the river Nene to fund Holcot Church. Please see link below. 

Thanks and kind regards


Northamptonshire : New authorities

The Future Northants West website is now available.

In 2021 NCC and DDC (and all other borough and district councils) will cease to exist. Our new Unitary council will be Northamptonshire West, and this website is intended to keep us informed.

See the website here.

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