Planning Application : 48 Moulton Road

A new planning application has been received. Details have been added to the planning applications page.

Comments are due to DDC by 9 January. The Parish Council will consider their response at their meeting on 21 January.

Consultation : Local Government

The Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government is consulting on the proposals to reorganise local government in Northamptonshire. The documentation and link to the survey is here. The consultation ends on 25 January.

Here is DDC’s letter advising of the consultation, and also confirming that next year’s local elections are postponed by one year.
DDC letter

Road Safety : VASID

dsc 0168

Our VASID (Vehicle-Activated Speed Indicator Device) was installed on Sywell Road this week. It will help us raise awareness of vehicle speeds through the 30mph part of the Parish.

The VASID will provide data about vehicle speeds which we can use with the authorities. It has various modes which displays vehicle speeds,  symbols,  and text. It will also will operate in “stealth” mode (where there is no display, but it is still recording information) – this is it’s current setting. We also have warning panels that fix to the bottom of the VASID to help get the speed awareness messages across.