Parish Design Statement : Help needed please

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At last year’s Annual Parish Meeting the preparation of the Parish Design Statement (also referred to as a Village Design Statement or VDS) was discussed. The objective of this document is to help protect us from unwanted developments, building designs and suchlike, by providing a basis for planning.

Before the Parish Council prepares a draft for broad consultation, there are two areas where we would like help. These focus on the future design of developments and changes to the Parish, as you can see in this document (based on the 2009 draft VDS).

If you are willing to help consider the content of these two pages, please email David Walker ( – he will send you a full copy of the original 2009 draft as background and context. A meeting will be held on Monday 22 January at 7:30 in the Church Room to discuss and agree the content of these two pages. A further meeting will be held in February as necessary.

Thanks for your help.