Neighbourhood Watch : Stranger danger

Information posted on Walgrave Neighbourhood Watch Facebook page.

Message received from Moulton School, I have no further information but worth being aware and reminding our children to stay safe……

We have had a report from a parent of an incident which took place last week. Two of our Year 9 pupils were walking home after getting off the school bus in the Holcot area and were approached by a women in a light blue fiat 500 car who offered to give them a lift home – they refused. As always, we ask that you remind your children of “stranger danger” and to stay safe.

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Neighbourhood Watch : Police Priorities

Daventry Rural and Town neighbourhood team has set its priorities for the next three months. These have been identified by taking into account the social media survey results and recent community engagement.

Daventry Rural:

1) Police presence
2) Speeding
3) ASB

Daventry Town:

1) Police presence
2) ASB
3) Drug abuse/dealing

For more information on the area that you live, please follow the link below:

Police : 3 updates

Three updates from the Police have been added to the neighbourhood watch page. One concerns seasonal thefts, the second gives some thoughts about home safety, and the last is a video regarding the policing model changes.

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Police : Changes to the Northamptonshire policing model

A letter and information booklet have been added to the Neighbourhood Watch page providing information from the Police and Crime Commissioner and the Chief Constable regarding the changes to policing commencing 30 October.