Parish Maintenance : Friends of Holcot

The “Friends of Holcot” are a group of volunteers who undertake projects around the parish. Some projects are small, such as tidying up the paths and alleyways or cleaning the road signs, others are larger such as bringing the washbrook back to life, clearing the churchyard extension, or work on the playing field.

The group are friendly bunch and meet for an hour or two on Friday at 10am twice a month when weather allows – normally first and third Fridays.

The Friends create their work list from parishioners and the Parish Council. They are organised by Roger Gunnett (781686,

Contact Roger if you would like to get involved – no skills or specific commitment is required. Additionally, if you have any ideas of things that would benefit from the Friends activity, please contact Roger.

As a parish we are very grateful for everything that the Friends do to keep everything in a good state – thanks!

See the Friends of Holcot webpage.

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