Parish Council : COVID-19 General Update

Hi all

I thought I would write an occasional update which consolidates recent Holcot-related messages and provides ‘new news’. I won’t cover advice from local and central government unless we are specifically asked to cascade anything, and needless to say (but say it anyway!) if there’s nothing to say, I won’t write.

You will have seen that we have distributed a flyer that offers help to Parishioners who find that they are struggling logistically because of self-isolation and the impacts of this crisis. A copy of the flyer is here.

It’s really pleasing to report that Lisa already has around 20 volunteers willing to help, and I know that people are always supporting their neighbours and friends anyway. If you need any help getting shopping, posting letters or similar activities please get in touch with Lisa on the number on the flyer. She will then ask someone to help you.

You will have seen that the Church and White Swan have been required to close to help stop the transfer of the virus. Other Groups and Clubs have stopped meeting for the same reason – when is notified, a separate post is written. I know this is a difficult time, and my best wishes to all of the leaders, landlords, instructors, and everyone else involved. I look forward to when we can start telling people that all of our brilliant community facilities and activities are available again.

You may also have seen that the events planned for the commemoration of VE Day Bank Holiday weekend are now cancelled. I know a lot of work had gone into planning these events.

Lastly, new news. Parish Council is cancelled for April. The Annual Parish Meeting scheduled for 4 May is also cancelled.

The next part of the improvement to the Playing Field equipment is due in early-April. Please keep your children clear of the installers on the installation day.

The website is the only means that we have to communicate with Parishioners quicklyif you know anyone who isn’t signed up, please suggest that they subscribe.

Very best wishes and stay safe.

David Walker, Chair, Holcot Parish Council 781660

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