Planning Application amended

We have been notified of a change to the Overstone Green planning application DA/2020/0001. This is the land to the east of the A43.

For ease, here is the full text of the change. The Parish Council will assess the amendments at their meeting on 23 November. Comments are due to DDC by the end of the month.

You can read the Parish’s response from February here.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Application has been made to this Council for planning permission for the above development including an Environmental Impact Assessment.  

On the 21st October 2020 the District Council received an addendum to the Environmental Statement, an addendum to the Design & Access Statement, and a revised Design Code.

The application is available on our website: within the next few days, any observations you may have must be made in writing to me within 31 days of the date of this letter in order to ensure that they will be taken into account when the application is decided.  I would advise an early response.  Please note that correspondence is normally made public.

Respond to Bob Ham, with a cc to please

Direct Line:                                    01327 302566