Roadworks : Sywell Road and Back Lane in March

High-power cables are being upgraded on an ‘as necessary’ basis nationwide over the next 10 years, ostensibly to cater for the expected increase in electric vehicles.

Commencing 1 March, Kier will be replacing the cable from the substation at the riding school on Sywell Road to the substation on Moulton Road. The cable will run down the southern side of Sywell Road and Back Lane.

The plan from my meeting with the project manager today….

  • excavation will be 30cm wide by 60cm deep to insert ducting for the cable. Where feasible this will go in the verge, but mostly in the road in Back Lane.
  • work starts on Sywell Road on 1 March. Traffic lights will be in place as necessary.
  • work starts in Back Lane on 8 March at Sunny Bank, lasting for 2-3 weeks. The plan is to dig and repair in 30m lengths, with the impact on individual driveways etc being a couple of hours. Back Lane will be closed at the point of digging, necessitating residents to gain access to properties from the Sunny Bank or War Memorial ends depending on where the works have reached.
  • Finally, the works will cross Moulton Road – traffic lights will be in place
  • Residents will be provided with a notice by Kier so they know what is happening and when.
  • Kier will make good verges, white lines etc
  • Kier will then push their cable through the ducting!
  • There will be no electricity disconnections as this does not affect supply to houses

A foreman will be on-site if you have any questions during the works.

David Walker