Road safety : HGVs plan update

Cllr Phil Scordellis has provided a comprehensive update of the outcomes of a recent meeting with Sergeant Matt Moore of Northamptonshire Police. See here.

In summary, a plan was developed for how the Police and Holcot community can best cooperate.

(A) The Police and Parish Council (HPC) will share collated information of issues and progress weekly by email. 

(B) HPC will:

#1 Write to HGV owners regarding any vehicle movement reported by a resident, using a standard joint Police/HPC proforma letter

#2 organise surveys by residents of HGV numbers for individual whole or part working-days at regular intervals (eg monthly if feasible), once the current COVID restrictions relax. 

(C) The Police will:

#1 Plan a full day’s action in Holcot, including investigating possible involvement of VOSA and, as appropriate, HPC

#2 Provide on average 2 hours / week of visible presence in the Parish

#3 Provide the first draft for the above standard proforma letter, which will include a Police heading 

#4 use the Police National Computer to follow up with the owners of any HGV reported by a resident where the owner can only be identified by the registration number

#5 Sgt Moore will participate in the Annual Parish Meeting (by Zoom, 7pm on Wed 26th May)