Annual Parish Meeting : Update from the meeting

Holcot from the south

As a follow up from Wednesday night’s meeting we would like to say thank you to those who attended our first APM as a new council, and to share an overview of the discussion for those who couldn’t make the meeting. Key topics were:

  • Policing update by Sergeant Matt Moore covered the latest on recruitment of local PCs, progress on HGV monitoring, and Northampton Constabulary policing priorities. A separate post will be created to share the details.
  • The Village Hall is re-opening! Karen Conway, who runs the Dance ‘n’ Tone class in the Village Hall shared information of her current class and also her thoughts on new exercise classes which could be run in the future. Details will be shared separately.
  • The Flower and Vegetable show is planned to take place on the 5th of September. Hold the date! – more details to follow
  • Official Annual Parish Meeting report created by the Parish Council-click here to see the report

Thanks again for everyones time and support for making the first meeting interesting and informative.

From the Parish Council