Parish Council : New Council met for the first time

The new Parish Council met for the first time last week. A short general update…

David Walker was elected Chair, and Kathryn Bourner Vice-Chair.

We co-opted Trudi Townsend of Main Street which now gives us a full council. We have allocated sectors to Councillors as shown in the table below. The objective is that these Councillors are your first port of call in respect of anything that you would like to discuss with the Council. Alternatively, talk to any Councillor or contact Ruby (our Clerk). This information is also shown on the Parish Council page.

Main Street, Farm Close, Walgarth CourtTrudi Townsend07583
Back Lane, Brittens ViewDavid Walker 07802
Moulton Road, Tithe CloseCaroline Ferguson07710
Sywell Rd, Ivy Farm, Sunny BankSian Stone07816
All properties outside village confinesKathryn Bourner 07814
Rectory Lane, Beelhook, Walgrave RdPhil Scordellis07785
Brixworth Road, Glebe CloseMartin Baldwin07902
Poplars Lane, Winsland CourtJames

We also allocated responsibilities to individual Councillors as shown on the Parish Council page. A notable change for Parishioners is that Caroline Ferguson is now Editor for the website – the email address remains of course. David Walker will deputise if necessary.