WNC : Cabinet changes

WNC have made changes to their Cabinet.

A reshuffle of West Northamptonshire Council’s Cabinet is refocusing senior councillors’ responsibilities on the latest priorities and needs of local residents. 

Cllr Adam Brown was elected as new Leader of the Council WNC’s annual meeting last night (Thursday 16 May) who, in turn has appointed Cabinet Members, introducing a series of changes to their portfolios – these are the specific council services that they are responsible for overseeing.

Under the new arrangements, some portfolios have been streamlined to specific service areas, such as housing and highways, enabling the Council to concentrate a greater focus on tackling these issues. Other changes have been made to better align service areas, such as including sustainability within the environment portfolio.

The new Cabinet arrangements are as follows: 

  • Cllr Matt Golby is appointed Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Public Health and Regulatory Services, better aligning services aimed at improving people’s wellbeing
  • Cllr Rosie Herring joins Cabinet for the first time as the Council’s new Cabinet Member for Housing, a key priority for residents and area of challenges and opportunities in the years ahead
  • Cllr Phil Larratt is appointed Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, continuing his commitment to improving and investing in roads in a more focused remit
  • Cllr Rebecca Breese becomes Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling and Waste, with a renewed focus on tackling climate change and progressing sustainability within her portfolio.
  • Cllr David Smith is appointed Cabinet Member for Planning and Communities, retaining his previous remit around community safety and partnerships alongside new planning and development control responsibilities
  • Cllr Dan Lister becomes Cabinet Member for Local Economy, Culture and Leisure, better aligning the council’s place-shaping services with regeneration, business growth and economic investment
  • Cllr Malcolm Longley continues as the Council’s Finance Portfolio Holder, having successfully steered the authority through its financial challenges
  • Cllr Mike Hallam retains his role as Cabinet Member for HR & Corporate Services as the Council seeks to boost its productivity, IT and AI initiatives
  • Cllr Fiona Baker retains her role as Cabinet Member for Children, Families and Education, ensuring essential continuity in the ongoing improvement journey for these key services.

Cllr Adam Brown, Leader of West Northamptonshire Council, said: “I am delighted to be able to appoint such experienced and dedicated colleagues to Cabinet who have a huge wealth of knowledge across our broad range of services.  

Having listened to residents about their priorities for what the Council should be doing and the needs they have, these changes aim to refocus and strengthen our efforts to ensure we are serving them in the best ways we possibly can.”  

The Cabinet will be supported by the following Assistant Cabinet Members in their portfolio areas: 

• Cllr Kevin Parker – Finances

• Cllr Rupert Frost – Business Engagement (Daventry)

• Cllr Greg Lunn – Sport & Leisure

• Cllr Alison Eastwood – Arts & Culture

• Cllr Tony Bagot-Webb – Highways, HS2

• Cllr William Barter – Rail

• Cllr Anna King – Communities

• Cllr Alan Chantler – Planning

• Cllr Jo Gilford – Waste & Recycling

• Cllr Pinder Chauhan – Flooding

• Cllr Daniel Cribbin – Health Integration

• Cllr Stephen Hibbert – Housing

• Cllr Nick Sturges Alex – IT / Transformation and People

• Cllr Mark Hughes – Education

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