WNC : Local Plan Consultation

WNC have published their consultation for their draft local plan – the full notification is below. For a summary and process detail visit here.

The document set is extensive, but the place to start is the Regulation 18 Local Plan document.

This consultation is important as the final local plan will set the primary WNC planning and development policies through to 2041.

WNC says…

“The draft Plan sets out a vision and objectives for the area, its ambitions for new development and commitment to dealing with climate change. The Plan allocates land for housing and employment and contains a series of planning policies for these and many other topics such as leisure, transport, health and wellbeing, infrastructure and the environment, and where development can and cannot take place.”

For instance, potential local impacts in the Regulation 18 Local Plan document include a policy related to 2000 houses to be built on the west side of the A43 north of Moulton (page 118-) and a ring/relief road to the north of Northampton (page 255).

Comments have to be submitted by 2 June. At next week’s meeting, the Parish Council will decide the process by which it will respond.

There are public exhibitions to view the draft plan and ask questions. No appointment is necessary.

MoultonMoulton Community Centre, Sandy Hill Ln, Reedings, Moulton, NN3 7AXThursday 18 Aprilbetween 1 and 5pm
DaventryDaventry Leisure Centre, Saxon Suite, Lodge Road, Daventry, NN11 4FPTuesday 23 Aprilbetween 2 and 6pm
WoottonWootton Community Centre, Curtlee Hill, Wootton, Northampton NN4 6EDThursday 25 Aprilbetween 2 and 7pm
BrackleyThe Old Fire Station Community Room, High Street, Brackley NN13 7DWWednesday 1 Maybetween 2 and 5pm
NorthamptonGrosvenor Centre, Gather Unit, 1st Floor, Northampton, NN1 2EWThursday 2 Maybetween 12 and 5pm

West Northamptonshire Local Plan 2041 

Regulation 18 Draft Consultation – April 2024 

Town and Country Planning (Local Planning) (England) Regulations 2012 Regulation 18.  

West Northamptonshire Council has prepared its new Local Plan, Regulation 18 Draft, which it proposes to consult upon for a period of eight weeks. 

The Local Plan, Regulation 18 Draft (2024) and supporting documents are being made available for public inspection at locations across West Northamptonshire,

 providing people with the opportunity to make representations for consideration as the plan progresses to its next stage. 

Full details of the consultation can be found here.

The eight-week period of public consultation will commence Monday 08 April 2024 and run to 23:59 to Sunday 02 June 2024. Representations received after this time will not be accepted.  

This notice outlines the documents which are available for inspection, their subject matter and the locations where they can be inspected. It also provides information regarding the process of submitting representations.  

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Fundraising Fashion Show and Shopping Event.

Please come to a fun evening at the village hall and watch local models parade on the catwalk.

Thursday, 25th April at 7.00 pm Tickets £8 (or £10 on the door).  There will be a bar. For tickets please ring Sheila: 07712 763408 or Judith:  07762 085588

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Being a Parish Councillor

You will have seen that Holcot Parish Council has a vacancy for a Councillor. We also expect a second vacancy shortly.

I was asked for further information about the role of a Parish Councillor. The Good Councillor’s Guide is a great place to start.

In Holcot, Councillors are involved in representing and supporting many aspects of the community, from ensuring that the street lighting works, through dealing with West Northants Council highways, planning and other services. Councillors look after the playing field, maintain community communications through the website and newsletter, and help Parishioners deal with specific issues…. and a whole lot more.

Want to help lead Holcot’s response to the Green Hill Solar Farm? Road safety? Local massive housebuilding? Our response to climate change? Please consider becoming a Parish Councillor!

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Annual Parish Meeting – Tuesday 30 April

Holcot from the west

This year’s Parish Meeting (APM) will be held on 30 April at 7pm in the Village Hall.

The APM is a statutory meeting of the parish, called annually by the Chair of the Parish Council. It is not a Parish Council meeting, but does have an agenda and minutes.

At the APM the Chair of the Parish Council provides a report, other information is shared, and guests are invited to attend and speak. This year we have confirmed attendees from WNC, the Police, and Highways. One of the key features is that the format allows parishioners to discuss the issues of the day and ask questions of speakers.

The statutory notice of the meeting will follow in mid-April, but please save the date!

Reminder : Holcot Speedwatch 2024

Holcot from the south

Our annual Holcot Speedwatch is set to run between March 30th and April 27th.

Would you like to volunteer and help reduce speeding in the village?

Speedwatch involves standing at the side of a road with the speed gun, recording vehicles that are exceeding limits. Speedwatch helps raise speed awareness and will hopefully lead to a change in driver behaviour. The Police have also offered to participate this year.

Please contact Cllr Chris Bailey on inthehedges@mac.com to offer your help.

Speed Watch Spring 2024

The next Holcot Speed Watch is set to run between March 30th and April 27th. Would you like to volunteer and help reduce speeding in the village? Even if you can only manage a couple of hours across the initiative your support would be gratefully received! Please contact Councillor Chris Bailey on inthehedges@mac.com to find out how you can help.

Green Hill Solar Farm

Holcot Parish Council has been made aware of a project to build a solar farm across several Northamptonshire locations connected to a hub at Grendon. One solar array site is proposed to be on farmland to the south of Holcot. It is early days, but there is now a website with basic information https://greenhillsolar.co.uk/. The formal consultation regarding the proposals is expected in the Autumn, and subject to national-level approval, construction will be towards the end of the decade. We are engaging with the applicants and will post further information on the website as it becomes available.

New laws around dog fouling and smoking in play areas

Holcot Parish Council have recently received complaints about dog fouling in the village. This is a topic which never really goes away. So in-line with the new laws that go live on Tuesday 3rd October HPC will be investigating getting signs added to lamp posts around the parish to remind everyone of the penalties of both dog fouling and smoking in the playing field. HPC would also like to hear from any volunteers who would be happy to spray any dog poo with fluorescent spray paint to help bring it to everyone’s attention! Hopefully with the changes in the laws and the visual reminders around the parish we can encourage everyone to make Holcot safer and cleaner for our families and friends. To find out how to report a dog fouling incident please click on the link here.

Parish Council Responsibilities- a reminder

Ever wondered exactly what the Parish Council have responsibility for? Well below is the list…

  • Street Lighting
  • Playing Field
  • Grass cutting
  • Litter Bins
  • Bus Shelters
  • Public Seating
  • Landscaping
  • Newsletter
  • Website

If you see anything that needs repairing or that you are concerned about please let the parish council know. Each councillor has a responsibility for an area of the parish as well as other responsibilities for certain parish facilities. Please click here to find out the councillors’ contact details and the areas they cover. Alternatively please contact the parish council clerk, Ruby Cole on clerk@holcotvillage.co.uk

Platinum Jubilee Parish Photo

Thanks to everyone who was part of the celebrations over the long weekend. It was lovely to see so many parishioners out and about over the last four days. Shame about the cool damp weather on Sunday, (but then again it is only June), but a bit of rain didn’t dampen the parish spirits!

We are now in possession of the Parish photos taken on Saturday morning. We have two versions for you to choose your favourite from. Don’t forget you can click on the link and save a copy!

Click here for A and here for B.

If anyone has photos of the Jubilee events they are happy to share please send them to editor@holcotvillage.co.uk and they will be added to the website gallery for everyone to have access to.

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Holcot from the East

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