Leigh Andrews

Sadly, long term resident Leigh Andrews died suddenly on Thursday 17th of June. 

Leigh was well known in the village as “the lady who was frequently walking and enjoyed a chat”, others will know her as a regular participant at the pub quizzes.

Her funeral will take place on Tuesday the 13th of July at 12 noon, at Kettering crematorium, followed by a buffet and drinks down the White Swan. If anybody wishes to attend the crematorium please contact Doreen on 01604 781000 or 07783 025434 as numbers are limited. Alternatively, villagers may wish to stand outside Farm Close to show respect, leaving Holcot at  11.30am.

Graham (Leigh’s father) wants to thank everyone for their support at this difficult time and invites all to join us down the pub to celebrate Leigh’s life. Graham requests no flowers, but donations to the RNLI (Martin and Hayley will organise a collection in the pub)

Holcot Parish Council Changes

cropped holcot parish council logo cmyk jpeg.jpg

HPC would like to say a heartfelt goodbye and thank you to Martin Baldwin who recently stepped down from his role of councillor. HPC would like to express their thanks for all the time, input and commitment Martin put in as a parish councillor.

They would also like to say hello and welcome to Peter Matthews who has been co-opted into the role of Councillor, replacing Martin. Peter will be the community sector contact for Brixworth Road and Glebe Close. Peter’s contact details have been updated on the Parish Council page of the website.

Free CPR & Defibrillator Training: 2nd September

We are very lucky to have received the offer of free CPR and Defibrillator training for the members of our parish from the Rural Northants Community First Responders. The session is planned to take place in the Village hall from 7.45 on 2nd September. Please come along and take part in this very important training. It could save a life!

Click here for more details.

Planning Application: Moulton Road

A new planning application has been received for Hillcrest, Moulton Road- details can be found on the planning application page

The application will be considered at the July meeting of the Parish Council- 19th July 2021.

Please aim to have any feedback or comments with WNC by 12th July latest.

Local Policing Priorities Survey- your feedback is requested

Message Sent By
Katrina Heath
(Northamptonshire Police, Neighbourhood Police Team Co-ordinator, Northamptonshire)
Please tell us about the issues that matter most to you in the area where you live and work by completing a short survey. The information you give us will help identify the local neighbourhood policing priorities for your area. Click here to complete our local priorities survey    (Please note some browsers require Ctrl + click)
We would like to know about any crime or anti-social behaviour that is causing you concern and if there is anything specific you would like us to focus on.  We’d also like to know how safe you feel when out and about in your neighbourhood and whether you think the police are doing a good job at tackling local crime and disorder. The survey takes just a few minutes and we would really appreciate you taking the time share your views. The more feedback we get, the better we can understand what the issues are for local people. 

At a county level, we have four Matters of Priority that Northamptonshire Police will put a special focus on over the next 12 months:

Serious and organised crime
Domestic abuse
Knife crime
Anti-social behaviour. 

We will also set up to three local priorities for each policing area every three months based on local crime statistics and the feedback we get from the community. We will tell you what those priorities are and keep you informed about the action we are taking to address them.

Your feedback is really important and we appreciate you taking the time to share your views with us. 

Planning Application : Sywell Road

A new planning application for Ivy House on Sywell Road has been received.

The Parish Council will consider the application at their June meeting.

If you wish to write direct to WNC, your response is due by 29 June.

See the Planning Applications page for information.

An introduction to Karen Conway: Dance ‘n’ Tone

Holcot from the East

During our recent Annual Parish Council Meeting Karen came to talk to us all and share her thoughts on her current exercise class as well as other classes that could be offered in the future. It was lovely to experience her passion first hand so we asked Karen to make a short video for us to share with you all. Karen’s contact details can be found on the Calendar page of the website. Click through from the calendar entry for more details of the class.

Please contact the Editor if you run a class or event in the village hall and would like to share a video similar to the one below. We would be happy to post it!

Village Lighting Improvements:

During May’s Parish Council meeting the new Parish Council unanimously agreed that Holcot’s street lighting needed to be improved and brought into line with the latest technology. These improvements would deliver 

  • Improved visibility around the village
  • Improved efficiency- replacing 80 W bulbs with 18W
  • Improved environmental impact- requiring less maintenance and using less energy
  • Savings in energy costs & maintenance fees

Therefore as a priority the Council agreed to fund the immediate replacement of 15 obsolete MBFU light fittings which run on 80w mercury bulbs, and replace with new lamps and 18W LED bulbs.

The work to replace the lights has already started and will continue across the coming week.

The council, with EONs guidance will then agree on a schedule to further upgrade the remaining village lights to LED. Timings will be budget dependant.

Local Policing Update

Recently Sgt Matt Moore attended the Annual Parish Council Meeting. Please find below a summary of the points he covered during his update. We hope you feel this covers any concerns you have. If you want to raise anything that is not covered here please contact you councillor.

A message from Sgt Matt Moore

Dear All

Please see below in respect of my input at the Holcot Annual Parish Council Meeting  

Having been asked to provide some crime data for the village I can advise that reported incidents, going back some 3 months are as follows.

             1. Majority of data refers to A43 (disregarded)   

              2. Dogs in the road (owner returned prior to attendance)

              3. Stolen dogs (not stolen and located)

              4. Stolen car (not stolen and located)

              5. ASB Teenagers x 2

              6. Bad driving

              7. Parties & damage at reservoir

The Local issues of HGV’s breaching the restricted zone has previously been identified and progressed. Actions completed are as follows.

  • Issue raised at the Road Jag (multi agency approach to tackling road issues within the LPA)
  • Monitoring by Brixworth team 1 -2 hours a week  
  • Pro Forma letter completed, joint Holcot & Northants Police
  • Signage checked by highways

A New NPT model will be introduced on the 1st of June. This will see an uplift in staffing to the NPT, including student Officers being tutored within NPT. Currently there are 3 PCSO at Brixworth, Jo Wright, Kev Lumbis & Paul Miller. We will be recruiting 2 PC’s into positions here. In addition I will be returning to Brixworth for half the week (the other half I will be at Daventry) . The team will cover Brixworth ED and Moulton ED- please see below

New Force priorities have been identified and are as follows. Click here for more detail

  • ASB 
  • Organized Crime
  • Domestic 
  • Knife crime 


 20mph application

Quote from Matt Phillips Sgt on Safer Roads team.

“Daventry NPT do not sit on the Speed Limit review panel. The last time Holcot brought this application, it was unanimously rejected by all members, this was also turned down by the highways manager for NCC at the subsequent appeal.  Northamptonshire Police’s support is not required for Northamptonshire Highways to alter speed limits. There has never been an intimation that the restrictions are or would be un-enforceable. However, we will not routinely enforce restrictions which do not match the look and feel of the environment. There are sadly a number of roads throughout the County where this is the case and I would give the A43 Moulton bypass as a prime example of that.”

Holcot Parish Council – Notice of Casual Vacancy

Due to a recent resignation of Councillor Martin Baldwin, Holcot Parish Council hereby give notice of the vacancy for the role of councillor.

The details below outline the next steps of the process. If you have any questions please reach out to a member of the parish council.

Annual Parish Meeting : Update from the meeting

Holcot from the south

As a follow up from Wednesday night’s meeting we would like to say thank you to those who attended our first APM as a new council, and to share an overview of the discussion for those who couldn’t make the meeting. Key topics were:

  • Policing update by Sergeant Matt Moore covered the latest on recruitment of local PCs, progress on HGV monitoring, and Northampton Constabulary policing priorities. A separate post will be created to share the details.
  • The Village Hall is re-opening! Karen Conway, who runs the Dance ‘n’ Tone class in the Village Hall shared information of her current class and also her thoughts on new exercise classes which could be run in the future. Details will be shared separately.
  • The Flower and Vegetable show is planned to take place on the 5th of September. Hold the date! – more details to follow
  • Official Annual Parish Meeting report created by the Parish Council-click here to see the report

Thanks again for everyones time and support for making the first meeting interesting and informative.

From the Parish Council

Hollowell Fete and Flower Festival (FAFF) -17th & 18th July

We are very pleased that life is slowly getting back to normal and community events are starting to be arranged for the summer. Hollowell are planning to hold a Fete and Flower Festival in July. More details will be shared closer to the event.

For any further information please call 01604 740796 or email hollowellfaff@gmail.com

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Holcot from the East

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