Planning Application- Sargeants Yard, Sywell Rd

The Parish Council have been notified of a planning application for a property on Sywell Road. Please click here to access the planning application page to see the relevant details. If you want to go to the WNC website to see the detailed plans then please click here and use the code WND/2022/0380. Written comments must be submitted to WNC planning team by the 13th June.

Planning Application Appeal

The Parish Council have been notified of an appeal against a decision of a planning application submitted in the summer of 2021. The property/land concerned is behind Hillcrest on the Moulton Rd. Click here to go through to the usual planning page. Both the original planning number and the appeal reference number can be found there.

As this is an appeal the process is slightly different to the normal comments procedure.

If you would like to submit comments to the planning team and have NOT previously submitted any comments then please contact Nisar Mogul on the following address or call on 01327 302247

If you have already submitted comments and would like to withdraw or amend them please use this link

All comments or amendments need to be submitted no later that the 1st June. This appeal will be discussed at May’s Parish Council meeting on the 16th