HGV Traffic Survey- Thursday 9th June

SAVE THE DATE This will be a full day survey 7.00am to 7.00pm

Holcot sits within a 7.5t weight limit area, meaning that the only vehicles over this weight limit allowed are those making a delivery or receiving goods from within the weight limit area.

Unfortunately this weight restriction continues to be broken by some hauliers and truck drivers, this was evidenced by a recent survey undertaken by the Parish Council over a month but taken at different times of the day. This data has been provided to the police who are responsible for the policing of this weight restriction, however no noticeable reduction to this unauthorised traffic has occurred. The Parish Council has decided to provide further information regarding the continuing breach of the regulations by undertaking a whole day’s survey. 

The HGV traffic causes pollution, damage to parish properties close to the affected roads, damage to verges and serious congestion when these Juggernauts attempt to utilise our narrow roads as well as danger to Pedestrians. The surrounding areas to Holcot are being significantly developed and unless action is taken the situation is only going to get worse.?

If you would like to help by giving up an hour of your time, please contact Cllr Chris Bailey.

Email:  inthehedges@mac.com      Tel :  07970 702021

The results of the survey will be presented to Northants Police and will be available on the parish council website

Date confirmed for HGV survey -9th June

The Parish Council will be holding a full day survey of all HGVs above 7.5T travelling through the village on the 9th June. If you can spare any time at all to help support this important initiative, please can you contact Chris Bailey by email inthehedges@mac.com or by phone 07970 702021. A big thank you to the volunteers who have already confirmed their support.

Weight Restricted HGV Update

As you are aware Holcot is a restricted area for HGVs above the weight of 7.5t. The volume of traffic using Holcot as a cut-through appears to be growing and this is an obvious concern especially due to increased local construction taking place. So late last year a number of residents volunteered to collect information regarding the registration plates and companies of those vehicles coming through the village. The residents had direct visual access to the Sywell Rd and monitored the traffic from the 19th October until the 19th of November.

During this period 62 vehicles came through the village each weighing between 14 and 44 tonnes. On some days the amount coming through the village was as high as 12 vehicles.

A standard letter was sent to each company which was in violation of the weight restrictions.

33 letters were sent – and below is the summary of responses

11 -companies advised that drivers had been subsequently told to avoid the area

5- were local deliveries

1- was a company based within the restricted zone

11 companies did not respond.

In terms of next steps the Parish Council will be sharing the detail of the study with the local police force and Holcot’s WNC unitary councillor. In the Spring the Parish Council will be holding a formal full day monitoring session based at the crossroads and will be looking for volunteers to help support this. If you would like to help in any way or feel you have additional information to add please can you reach out to Phil Scordelis at phil.scordellis@gmail.com

The parish council would like to thank everyone who has helped capture & analyse this detailed information, and for those individuals who followed up with letters and phone calls to the companies involved. It has been a hugely time consuming exercise. So many thanks to all involved.

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