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In 2020 there was a global pandemic – photos are here.

Below you will find general photos of Holcot people, places, landscapes and events. Some are from the 1960’s.

Photos from 2016 are being added to Flickr here.

On 11-12 June 2016 there was a celebration for the Queen’s 90th birthday. Here are some of the photos – see all photos here

In 2015 villagers held a ‘photographic year’, aiming to take several photos per week – please see the Photographic Year 2015 page here.

If you have photos from around the village that you would like to add, please

Email editor


The Village Hall refurbishment Big Event – 12 October 2014

Some photos from the event on 12 October 2014. You can see the full set of photos on Flickr here.

Other sources of Holcot photos

Take a look at You will find various photos of Holcot on this website, including this one of Brixworth Road from around 1960.

Holcot – Brixworth Road about 1960

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