Planning Application: Moulton Road

A new planning application has been received for Hillcrest, Moulton Road- details can be found on the planning application page

The application will be considered at the July meeting of the Parish Council- 19th July 2021.

Please aim to have any feedback or comments with WNC by 12th July latest.

Village Lighting Improvements:

During May’s Parish Council meeting the new Parish Council unanimously agreed that Holcot’s street lighting needed to be improved and brought into line with the latest technology. These improvements would deliver 

  • Improved visibility around the village
  • Improved efficiency- replacing 80 W bulbs with 18W
  • Improved environmental impact- requiring less maintenance and using less energy
  • Savings in energy costs & maintenance fees

Therefore as a priority the Council agreed to fund the immediate replacement of 15 obsolete MBFU light fittings which run on 80w mercury bulbs, and replace with new lamps and 18W LED bulbs.

The work to replace the lights has already started and will continue across the coming week.

The council, with EONs guidance will then agree on a schedule to further upgrade the remaining village lights to LED. Timings will be budget dependant.

Holcot Parish Council – Notice of Casual Vacancy

Due to a recent resignation of Councillor Martin Baldwin, Holcot Parish Council hereby give notice of the vacancy for the role of councillor.

The details below outline the next steps of the process. If you have any questions please reach out to a member of the parish council.