Action Fraud : WhatsApp Groups

Holcot from the south

The Police’s national Action Fraud service is warning of a rise of fraudsters targeting WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp group chat members are being warned they could be targeted by criminals, as Action Fraud reveals it has received 636 reports from victims of the messaging app this year.

The fraud often begins when a member of the group receives a WhatsApp audio call from the fraudster, pretending or claiming to be another member of the group. This is done to gain the individual’s trust, and often the scammer will use a false profile picture and/or display name, so at first glance it would appear to be a genuine member of the group.

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Annual Parish Meeting 2024

Holcot from the East

Thank you everyone who came along to the APM yesterday evening. I hope you agree with me that the speakers did a great job.

The reports mentioned and/or presented during the meeting have been added to the meetings list on the Parish Council page. You will see my report, Cllr Warren’s report, two reports from Northants Police and the financial summary for the year.

The draft minutes will be added once drafted.

David Walker, Chair