Parish Projects : “Friends of Holcot”

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    There are always routine and ‘one-off’ maintenance projects that need doing around our parish. This page provides information about how to get involved.

    The Parish Council have labelled this “Friends of Holcot” – people from Holcot meet on occasional Friday mornings (usually first and third Friday of each month) – sessions last 1-2 hours. Some projects are small, such as maintaining an area of green space, others are larger such as bringing the Washbrook back to life in 2015/16. Projects are supported by specialist contractors as necessary.

    If you are interested in helping with parish projects please complete your details below. There is no commitment.

    An email will be sent to Roger Gunnett including your details – he will add you to an email circulation list.

    Alternatively, to contact Roger;

    Telephone : 781686

    email :

    The Friends of Holcot meet on first and third Fridays of each month at 10am – project details are communicated by email.

    Please add a comment below if you have additional ideas for projects, or any other general query about this initiative.

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