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This is the administration page for the 2015 Photographic Year. It is probably of little interest to anyone other than those participating! The Year Page is here

NEXT MEETING : Monday 1 February 2016, 7:30pm, 2 Brittens View (confirmed)

Please don’t forget to tag the photos in Flickr ‘book’ if you would like them included in the draft Yearbook. Also, if you have specific ideas for the layout of ‘your’ pages, let DaWa have them as soon as possible.


Final activities for everyone before mid-January;

  1. Upload and tag all photos – make sure that they are in the Group
  2. Review all photos not included in the the book (search with ‘-book’) and tag “book” any that you think have been missed from consideration for the Yearbook – start with just your weeks and then review all weeks
  3. Ideas and inspiration for layout to DaWa!

I will endeavour to get a draft Yearbook finished in late-January (after we are out of pantoland). We concluded that we should include notes in the yearbook of names etc where necessary.


Searching Tip – How to find photos based on tags (added 23 March)

In order to find photos in Flickr for a week or any tag (e.g.; when you want to find all photos from everyone tagged a particular week so that you can add the ‘book’ tag for inclusion in the yearbook) there are three steps.

First – navigate to the Group page (use the link from the Photographic Year page on the website if that is easiest). Click on ‘Photos’ or ‘Show nnn photos’ as shown below to display all photos in the Group Pool.

Pool page

Next – The page showing all photos in the Group Pool is displayed. Enter your search tags as shown below (e.g.; to display all photos in week 5 enter ‘wk5’ in the search box, or all items for the book enter ‘book’ or all items not in the book ‘-book’. You can enter more than one tag here – just leave spaces between tags). Notice you can also select photos by contributor on this screen.

Search box

Last – the photos for your search are displayed. You can then click on each photo and view, tag etc, stepping through each photo. See below.

search results

Hopefully that all makes sense!


General parameters

  1. Our objective is to end the year with a ‘yearbook’ on paper with at least one printed copy, as well as an online record of the year – week by week, rather than precisely day-by-day
  2. For each week of the year (weeks run Monday-Sunday) someone has accountability for ensuring that 7(ish) photos are selected to go in the ‘yearbook’ and creating 2(ish) pages for the yearbook  – for major events we will relax this
  3. The Yearbook will be landscape 10x8inch from Blurb – approximate cost £35 for 150 pages, hardback with dust cover – a discount is likely
  4. We are using as the repository for photos, with everyone having an account and uploading their edited photos – this gives everyone a terabyte (1024gb) of storage and is free
  5. Photos for the photographic year are added to the flickr 2015 ‘group’, and tagged as necessary
  6. Photos need to be uploaded to the group (including tags) within 2 weeks of the end of the week to which they relateanyone should take any number of photos of anything for any week! If it is ‘your’ week you must take photos.
  7. If it is ‘your’ week you should review photos tagged with that week (go into the group and search for the ‘wkn’ tag) after the 2 weeks have elapsed, and tag your selections ‘book’ (7ish photos) for the yearbook. Advise DaWa (powerpoint, pigeon post etc) if you have a particular proposed layout for your selection or a ‘feature’ photo as soon as possible after the ‘book’ tag is added…
  8. DaWa will update the Yearbook via blurb’s bookwright software approximately monthly, and the whole group will meet occasionally to review and discuss


Summary upload and tagging process

  • Take your photos
  • Download photos from camera to PC
  • Edit, crop, recolour etc as necessary (undertake naming and tagging if your software allows it)
  • Upload the photos to Flickr – these will go in your personal  ‘photostream’
  • Name each of your photos to describe them – this will be set to the filename, so if your filename was descriptive before you uploaded the photos, you should be able to ignore this step.
  • using ‘organize’ or individually,  tag (i.e.; ‘index’) your photos in a batch ‘Holcot’ and ‘wkn’ and add them to the 2015 group (and an appropriate album if you like).
  • Add other tags to each photo as appropriate (anything tagged “church” or “friends of Holcot” are picked up by the village website for display on the relevant pages for instance.) You can tag other participants photos.

There are multiple ways of doing everything!


Week Allocations

Week tag Date from Date to Assigned names
wk1 01/01/15 04/01/15 DaWa
wk2 05/01/15 11/01/15 Phil, Heather
wk3 12/01/15 18/01/15 Philip, Lesley
wk4 19/01/15 25/01/15 David, Sheila
wk5 26/01/15 01/02/15 Frank
wk6 02/02/15 08/02/15 Pam,Martin
wk7 09/02/15 15/02/15 Phil, Heather
wk8 16/02/15 22/02/15 DaWa
wk9 23/02/15 01/03/15 Philip, Lesley
wk10 02/03/15 08/03/15 Frank
wk11 09/03/15 15/03/15 Mick,Pattie
wk12 16/03/15 22/03/15 Mick,Pattie
wk13 23/03/15 29/03/15 DaWa
wk14 30/03/15 05/04/15 David, Sheila
wk15 06/04/15 12/04/15 Pam,Martin
wk16 13/04/15 19/04/15 Frank
wk17 20/04/15 26/04/15 Philip, Lesley
wk18 27/04/15 03/05/15 David, Dora
wk19 04/05/15 10/05/15 David, Sheila
wk20 11/05/15 17/05/15 Mick, Pattie
wk21 18/05/15 24/05/15 Phil, Heather
wk22 25/05/15 31/05/15 DaWa
wk23 01/06/15 07/06/15 Pam,Martin
wk24 08/06/15 14/06/15 Frank
wk25 15/06/15 21/06/15 Philip, Lesley
wk26 22/06/15 28/06/15 David, Dora
wk27 29/06/15 05/07/15 David, Sheila
wk28 06/07/15 12/07/15 Pam,Martin
wk29 13/07/15 19/07/15 Mick, Pattie
wk30 20/07/15 26/07/15 Phil, Heather
wk31 27/07/15 02/08/15 Philip, Lesley
wk32 03/08/15 09/08/15 Dave, Maureen
wk33 10/08/15 16/08/15 Dave, Maureen
wk34 17/08/15 23/08/15 Dave, Maureen
wk35 24/08/15 30/08/15 Dave, Maureen
wk36 31/08/15 06/09/15 Frank
wk37 07/09/15 13/09/15 DaWa
wk38 14/09/15 20/09/15 David, Sheila
wk39 21/09/15 27/09/15 Pam,Martin
wk40 28/09/15 04/10/15 David, Dora
wk41 05/10/15 11/10/15 Philip, Lesley
wk42 12/10/15 18/10/15 Pam,Martin
wk43 19/10/15 25/10/15 Phil, Heather
wk44 26/10/15 01/11/15 DaWa
wk45 02/11/15 08/11/15 David, Sheila
wk46 09/11/15 15/11/15 Frank
wk47 16/11/15 22/11/15 David, Dora
wk48 23/11/15 29/11/15 Phil, Heather
wk49 30/11/15 06/12/15 Mick, Pattie
wk50 07/12/15 13/12/15 David, Sheila
wk51 14/12/15 20/12/15 Frank
wk52 21/12/15 27/12/15 Pam,Martin
wk53 28/12/15 31/12/15 Mick, Pattie


Participants (at 12-9-15) are;

Name email Flickr id
David Walker dwholcot
Pam Wilson  pamwholcot2
Martin Wilson  pamwholcot2
Philip Pomeroy pom.holcot
Lesley Pomeroy pom.holcot
Dave Cooke  dcholcot
Phil Scordellis
Heather Wilson
Frank Hodgson frankhodgson29
Dora George  dora-ann
David George  dora-ann
David Ashworth davidashworth1954
Sheila Ashworth davidashworth1954
Mick Sidwell  pattiesidwell
Pattie Sidwell  pattiesidwell



David Walker



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