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Holcot Parish Council provides the following information as a service to residents and the public.  It does not take responsibility for the accuracy of this information, or the content/security of any linked websites.

Holcot Hop-Craft

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Holcot’s very own micro-brewery.

Contact Roger Gunnett 07703 727627

email : roger{at}gunnett.co.uk

Superfast Broadband

To get Superfast Broadband just call your broadband provider (150 for BT) or make your order online.

You can check whether you should be able to receive a service by clicking this link, but there have been no reported incidents of a service being unavailable in Holcot.

Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association

Northamptonshire Rural Housing Association provides affordable homes for rent in the village.

Priority is given to people with a local connection, for example if you work or have family locally.  When a specific home is available, we will advertise through the parish council. You will need to be registered with Daventry Council housing team at http://www.daventrydc.gov.uk/living/housing/homechoice/ to bid for a home.

In the meantime, if you have a housing need, find out more at www.northamptonshirerha.org.uk/find-a-home or call us on 01530 278080.

“Help for Holcot” group

The Group of village people who are offering their services to back-up your usual support routines are operating.

The ‘Help for Holcot” group will offer help where it is needed – for example, where the person who usually collects your prescriptions is not available, someone from the Group will help you out. The objective is not to replace any regular arrangements but to be a helping hand when needed.

If such a situation happens to you, ring Lesley on 781246 and the “Help for Holcot” group will do their best to help.

Defibrillator – Main Street

Attached to the Book Exchange is Holcot’s community defibrillator.

If you need to report anything about the defibrillator contact the Parish Clerk – clerk{at}holcotvillage.co.uk

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Book Exchange – Main Street, Holcot

Outside the Church Room is the Book Exchange – the principle is “take one, leave one”!

Northamptonshire e-library

Do you use the Northamptonshire Libraries e-library service? You can get;

  • e-Books
  • e-Audiobooks
  • e-Magazines
  • Music Downloads

You can either sign-up using your existing library card (you will need a PIN), join a physical library if you don’t already have a card and then sign-up, or join as a virtual member (i.e.; without access to physical books, DVDs etc).

More details can be found here.

Age UK – Handyman and other services

Age UK have a Handyperson Service. The service is provided by volunteers, and managed by Age UK.

They provide practical, DIY type help to keep people happy and safe in their own homes.  Common jobs are fitting stair banister rails, putting up shelves, dealing with tripping hazards and fitting key safes. Their aim is to take away some of the worry of maintaining home and garden as people become unable to do things for themselves.

If you would like to contact Age UK to make use of the service (a small charge is made) or offer you skills as a volunteer, please contact them on 01536 524986. Further information concerning Age UK and their full range of services is available on this website.


The mobile library no longer visits Holcot. See this page for alternative library services or visit the Book Exchange on Main Street.



LOCAL BUSINESSES – links to websites

Village pub:   https://www.holcotvillage.co.uk/white-swan-inn/ 
Riding School: http://www.holcotridingschool.co.uk/
Show Ground & CarBoot Sales: http://www.holcot-showground.co.uk    
Car sales & repairs   

Mobile Sight Centre

Are your loved ones or friends blind or partially sighted?
Are you wondering what to buy them for as a gift?
Then why not visit one of NAB’s (Northamptonshire Association for the Blind) Sight Centres to see a range of different gift ideas.  For addresses, call their Helpline on 01604 719193

Is sight-loss making life difficult for you, your loved-ones, or friends or neighbours?  Why not use NAB’s countywide Enable Service which can help with friendly advice, information, practical assistance and equipment to reduce the impact of visual impairment – for you, and your family or carers. The Enable Service – confidential, free and there for you when you need it.  Get in touch with NAB today to arrange a home visit  Helpline:01604 719193 • Email:helpline@nab.org.uk  www.nab.org.uk

Please also share the above information with friends and neighbours who have any problems at all with their sight.


The Cabin In The Garden offers a selection of previously owned books (fiction) including a small section for older children.
All books £2.00 each with a Read & Return refund of £1.00.
Mondays and Saturdays from 2pm – 4.30pm or other times by arrangement
Find us at 8 Moulton Road, Ring us on 01604 781933 or email elisabeth.sable@googlemail.com

Useful Contact Numbers

Please click here for a whole list of useful numbers for local support groups, local council offices as well as emergency numbers

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