Holcot Parish Council

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Please visit the Daventry District Council and Northamptonshire County Council pages for contact details of Councillors and current information.

Contact details for our Member of Parliament are here.

For Planning Applications please see the planning page.

Lisa CallanParish Clerk

Lisa Callan (07547 505027, clerk@holcotvillage.co.uk)



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Holcot Parish had a population of 438 at the 2011 census, living in 182 households. Visit here for a summary of the census data and here for a parish map.

Holcot Parish Council organises and influences many of the functions of village life. It consists of eight elected members of the community who meet regularly to discuss and agree various projects and the facilities within the Parish, and has special powers to achieve these aims.

The Parish Council has total responsibility for :-

  • Street lighting
  • Playing field
  • Grass cutting
  • Litter bins
  • Bus Shelters
  • Public seating
  • Landscaping
  • Newsletter
  • Website

The Parish Council meets on the 3rd Monday of the month at 7.30pm in the Church Room in Main Street. Special meetings are held when necessary. Parishioners are welcome to attend any of these meetings.

Meetings, Agenda and Minutes

The agenda for the next Parish Council meeting is placed on the village noticeboard opposite the Church Rooms, and is included below. In addition,  the minutes of Parish Council meeting are published after being “approved by the Council as an accurate record”, along with related budget and reforecast documents – before June 2016 minutes had been published below prior to approval (please contact the Parish Clerk for definitive copies of approved minutes before June 2016). Annual Return documents are also published.

2018 Parish Council agenda, minutes, financial forecasts and Annual Return
Date Agenda Minutes & financial forecasts
15 January  Agenda  Minutes FY17/18 forecast FY18/19 budget
19 February  Agenda  Minutes
19 March  Agenda  Minutes
16 April  Agenda  Minutes Reforecast
1 May (Extraordinary)  Agenda  Minutes
21 May (Annual Meeting)  Agenda  Minutes
25 June (note date)  Agenda  Minutes
23 July (note date) Agenda  Minutes
20 August  Cancelled
17 September  Agenda  Minutes
15 October  Agenda  Minutes
19 November  Agenda Minutes
17 December Cancelled

Annual Return 2018

Annual Parish Meeting – Agenda Chair’s report  Draft Minutes  District Councillor’s Report  County Councillor’s Report

2017 Parish Council agenda, minutes, financial forecasts and Annual Return
Date Agenda Minutes & financial forecasts
16 January  Agenda  Minutes FY16/17 forecast FY17/18 budget
20 February  Agenda  Minutes
20 March  Agenda  Minutes
24 April  Agenda  Minutes FY17/18 forecast
15 May (Annual Meeting)  Agenda  Minutes
19 June  Agenda  Minutes
17 July Cancelled
21 August  Agenda  Minutes
18 September  Agenda  Minutes
16 October  Agenda  Minutes
20 November  Agenda Minutes
18 December Cancelled

Annual Return 2017

Annual Parish Meeting – Chair’s report  Draft Minutes  District Councillor’s Report  County Councillor’s Report

2016 Parish Council agenda, minutes, financial forecasts and Annual Return
Date Agenda Minutes (draft) & financial forecasts
18 January Agenda Minutes FY15/16 forecast FY16/17 budget
15 February Agenda Minutes
21 March Agenda Minutes
18 April Agenda Minutes FY16/17 forecast
16 May (Annual Meeting) Agenda Minutes
20 June Agenda Minutes
18 July Cancelled
15 August Agenda Minutes
19 September Agenda Minutes
17 October Agenda Minutes
21 November Agenda Minutes FY16/17 forecast
19 December Cancelled

Annual Return 2016

Annual Parish Meeting – 6 June – Notice  Draft Minutes

Annual Parish Meeting – 6 June – Chair’s Report

2015 Parish Council draft minutes and Annual Return
Minutes Minutes Minutes
January  February March
April May(inc AGM)  June
July  August(special)  September
October November

Annual Return 2015

2014 Parish Council draft minutes and Annual Return
Minutes Minutes Minutes
January February  March
April May (Special mtg) May
June July August (Special mtg)
September October November
December (Special mtg)

Annual Return 2014

Councillors and responsibilities

Apart from attending Parish Council meetings, Residents can seek advice or discuss matters with the Council by speaking to their Community Sector Contact (see below), or by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Community sector contacts: (for any side roads not specifically mentioned, please see nearest through-road)
Sector Contact tel e-mail
Main St/Farm Cl/Walgarth Ct Roger Gunnett 781686 roger{at}gunnett.co.uk
Back Ln/Brittens View David Walker (Chair) 781660 chair{at}holcotvillage.co.uk
Moulton Rd/Tithe Close Jackie Fountain 780070 jfountain40{at}googlemail.com
Sywell Rd/Ivy Farm/Sunny Bank Kathryn Buckle (Vice Chair) 07814 531836 kbuckle{at}hotmail.co.uk
All outlying properties Ralph Hawkins 07969 982431 rhawkins20{at}googlemail.com
Rectory Ln/Beelhook/Walgrave Rd Phil Scordellis 07785 347297 phil.scordellis{at}gmail.com
Brixworth Rd/Glebe Cl Martin Wilson 781026 martin.l.wilson{at}btinternet.com
Poplars Ln/Winsland Court Nick Middleton nnnnnn nickg.middleton{at}yahoo.com

Apart from having responsibilities to support residents in specific sectors, Councillors also have lead responsibilities for aspects of the activities of the Council.

Specific Councillor responsibilities
Responsibility Councillor(s) Notes
Book exchange Ralph Hawkins
Church Room Roger Gunnett
Defibrillator Martin Wilson
Footpaths Roger Gunnett
Village Maintenance/Friends of Holcot liaison Roger Gunnett
Fundraising Kathryn Buckle
Internal Control and Governance Kathryn Buckle
Lighting Martin Wilson
Newsletter Jackie Fountain email holcotvillagenewsletter{at}hotmail.com
Northampton North SUE Phil Scordellis Also referred to as Overstone Leys/Overstone Green
Parish Liaison Roger Gunnett & Kathryn Buckle
Planning David Walker
Playing Field Jackie Fountain
Police Matters and Neighbourhood Watch Kathryn Buckle
Traffic management & road safety Phil Scordellis
United Charities Roger Gunnett & Ralph Hawkins
Village Hall Jackie Fountain Phil Scordellis is Chairman of the village hall committee
Web Site David Walker & Phil Scordellis email editor{at}holcotvillage.co.uk
Youth matters Jackie Fountain