Last call : Agenda items for Annual Parish Meeting

Holcot from the west

A reminder that agenda items are needed for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on 26 May at 7pm via Zoom.

If you would like to talk for a few minutes about your community group or club, please email me ( asap.

We already have Sergeant Matt Moore attending to discuss policing matters, and Mike Warren who can tell us about what is happening with the new West Northamptonshire Council.

Do you want a slot for your group?

The agenda will be published in a week.

David Walker

Annual Parish Meeting : Wednesday 26 May

Holcot from the west

This year’s Annual Parish Meeting will be at 7pm on Wednesday 26 May.

The Annual Parish Meeting (APM) of electors is called by the chair of the Parish Council (although strangely it is not a Parish Council meeting in law). The meeting must be held before the end of May.

In outline the agenda is the Parish Council chair delivers a report, as do councillors for the next tiers of government (district and county previously, but Northamptonshire West from this year). The Responsible Financial Officer of the Parish Council presents a summary of the Parish Council accounts for the previous financial year, and after that the floor is open to discuss anything that electors raise.

Last year the APM was not legally required due to the pandemic, this year it is. The UK Government Minister has still not provided guidance whether legally the meeting must be held face to face this year. The Parish Council and I are of course keen that we hold an APM, and given the status of the pandemic have decided that our APM will be held over Zoom whatever the Minister decides. I hope Parishioners will agree that using Zoom is a sensible course of action from a public health viewpoint.

The Parish Council agreed that the APM is a great opportunity for Parish community and social groups and others to discuss what they are planning post-pandemic. Consequently if anyone would like a slot at the meeting to update the Parish, please email me ( before 1 May.

The agenda and zoom link will be published in early-May via the website.

Stay well

David Walker